Manage Business with QuickBooks Hosting Solution

Managing business with QuickBooks accounting is simplified with modules that meets all business needs. QuickBooks hosting is cloud basedaccounting solution for small and medium businesses and enterprises. Small and medium firms can host their business online that is secure and reliable. QuickBooks Hosting servicesoffered to firms that are hosted on cloud and on premise. Online accounting software offers flexibility to keep track on company business sales from anywhere and tracked on phone, tablet or desktop. Nearly all devices are compatible to access QuickBooks application anytime anywhere. QuickBooks hosted solution runs on any device for any user from any location. Therefore anytime,anywhere, fast, easy and secure access enhances business productivity with cloud hosted benefits. Businesses keep track of sales and invoices updated to make corporateoperations functioning and running as per expectation.

QuickBooks Hosting onlinemakes business updated on each move. All account updates are instantly shared on the device which develops higher sales and company growth. Intuit QuickBooks Hosting is best reasonable accounting solution which simplifies businesses.It costs reasonable for packs and modules which company owners can chose to make their company needs met. All manual operations can turn digital with use of software and services. Records are updated and hosted securely on cloud servers. All business operation of accounts, invoicing, tax, VAT are well managed with QuickBooks application hosted on cloud. Business management gets simplified with the help of QuickBooks solution. Intuit QuickBooks accounting solution supports all its customers for technical support services. Customer support team can be contacted 24*7for technical needs.

QuickBooks hosting online is economical accounting services which is low operational cost to small and medium firms.The multi-user access license is purchased and only valid logins can access the system hosted online as the cloud hosted solution is secure. All authorised users have secure access to the web hosted accounting application. Most of the cloud hosting benefits such as multi-user access, security, remote access, maximum up-time, cost-efficiency, add-ons, updates and 24*7 technical support are offered by Intuit as service package.QuickBooks hosting solution on clouddelivers best results for companies. In case of any technical issues on QuickBooks hosting, technical support services help customers.A low-cost affordable QuickBooks Hosting provides all accounting needs for enterprises, also businesses can consider those modules that are relevant and economical. The complete hosting package is also a good option to make accounting needs met.

QuickBooks software can also be customized on demand which means customers can prefermodels that meets business needs to meet the company business requirements.Accounting application QuickBookshosting access is available anytime on any device is one of the best features to make company business running successfully. Customers can track all business activities on the accounts and things related to company operation.Customersget updates on company business, invoicing, taxation and accounting tasks on any device they own. Access anytime offers flexible company operation hence great productivity is achieved by the firms. Tax Preparation, VAT and tax filing is even more convenient with online hosting of QuickBooks accounting solution. All Accountants, small businesses and CPAs can access QuickBooks hosted on cloud which offers tons of benefits.All accounting solution is in one place, organised for managing invoices, tax filing, estimates, expenses, banking, corporate tax, VAT, self-assessment.

Angel Broking Account Opening Guide

Angel Broking Limited is one of the biggest and largest independent full-service broking houses in India. Moreover, it provides accurate and widespread data for each and every online share trader. Angel broking is a home for an independent database that covers the Indian online brokerage industry. They have experience of over two decades with an abundance of knowledge and expertise in the broking Industry. With great and high technology platforms that make the process hassle-free for their retail clients.

Angel Broking is a trading platform, which is seamless and safe for clients to use. Additionally, the trading platform helps to track online investment and provides expert research for traders who use technical analysis.

What is a Demat Account?
A Demat account is short for a “dematerialized account” which means stocks, bonds, shares are stored in electronic form rather than in physical or material form. Moreover, a Demat account can hold securities like:

Non-Convertible Debentures
Government Securities
Mutual funds that are traded on the Stock exchange
Benefits of a Demat Account
There are various benefits of using a Demat Account those are:

Traders can make any transaction happen at their convenience which is time-saving and convenient.
There is no risk of delays, forgery, theft, damage of the shares as they are no held in physical form and stored in electronic form.
There is no paperwork needed to register any transaction.
The single integrated platform where you hold both debt and equity.
The multiple communications are eliminated as the stakeholders are notified after every transaction.
Cost reduction as the cost of stamp duty is not present due to the holding of shares in electronic form.
How to Open A Demat Account (Online & Offline) with Angel broking
To avail all the benefits of a Demat account you need to open a Demat account by following these steps. The steps mentioned are for opening a Demat account in offline mode:

Step 1: Select A DP (Depository Participant)- You should first compare different benefits provided by different DPs and select the best one which is most suitable.
Step 2: Fill Application Form- Now after selecting a DP you need to fill up the application form for opening a new Demat account. You need to submit certain documents for KYC (Know Your Customer) those are:
Identity Proof
PAN Card
Address Proof
Bank Details
Personal details
Step 3: Verification Process- A list of certain rules will be provided to you that you need to follow. These rules will ensure that you do ethical and legal trading also these regulations will clear your doubts. The several functions of the Demat account will be mentioned in the list mentioned. Now DP will organize an in-person verification of your KYC documents and you. Payment of the fees is necessary which depends on your DP.
Step 4: Final Approval- After the in-person verification is completed the other final formalities will be completed and your brand new Demat account will be opened. You will receive a UID for your account.
The steps mentioned are for opening a Demat account in online mode:

Step 1: Visit the official website of Angel broking
Step 2: Fill out the form with details that are asked like your name, number, city, etc. Additionally, an OTP will be provided to you on your registered number.
Step 3: Enter the OTP in order to get the next form. In the next form, you have to fill out the form with details like
PAN card details,
contact details,
DOB, and
Bank details.
Step 4: Congratulations! Your account is now open. On your email and mobile, you will receive details of your Demat account.
KYC Documents
When you open an account with Angel broking you will need one proof of identity and one proof of address from the list given below:

Proof of identity

IT Returns
Voter’s ID
Divers’ license
ICAI, ICSI, ICWAI, etc issued id with photo
Phone Bill
Electricity bill
PAN Card
Photo ID provided by state or central government body
Proof of Address

Bank Passbook/statement
Voter’s ID
Ration Card
Leave License agreement
ICAI, ICSI, ICWAI, etc issued id with photo
Phone Bill
Electricity bill
Photo ID provided by state or central government body

How to Open a Trading Account with Angel Broking?
Here are some easy steps to open a Trading Account with Angel Broking:

Compare the services and brokerage rates then choose the best out of them for opening a trading account
Select the best one that suits your needs
Fill the form with necessary KYC documents
After the verification, you will receive your trading account details
Now you can trade happily and easily.
Using Demat and Trading accounts for trading
When Investor wants to Buy: With the help of your trading account you can place buy orders. The order will get processed and the shares you placed the order to buy will be credited into your Demat account.
When Investor wants to Sell: You can sell any shares of any quantity from your trading account and it will reflect the debit entry in your Demat account.
The trading takes place both online and on-call whichever you prefer. It is advisable to link both the accounts that are Demat and trading account. Additionally, keep both accounts under the same firm to avoid bringing additional stakeholders.
To sum it all up you need to pay attention to each of the steps while you start the process of opening an account with Angel Broking. You should open both Demat and Trading Account with Angel Broking which will be better than having accounts with different firms. Moreover, you need to link your Demat and trading account for easy flow of the process. You need to check the charges that they levy on their website and update your correct data. It is a great practice if you add a nominee that will remove many hassles of the future. In the end, open your account and enjoy the perks provided by Angel Broking.

Can Mobile App Notifications Replace Cancellation Notices?

P&C insurers are required to notify policyholders when their policies are cancelled for any reason. If they do not, and a former policyholder’s claim is rejected, they can be sued for damages well in excess of the claim. To protect themselves, many insurers maintain various kinds of evidence that Cancellation Notices were sent.

One compelling piece of Cancellation Notification evidence could be mobile app notifications sent directly to a canceled policyholder’s phone. The mobile app notifications could include links to Cancellation Notices and could be logged for future reference, reducing doubt that the policyholder was made aware that the policy was cancelled. This evidence creates a “digital audit trail” showing the insurer has made every reasonable effort to ensure that policyholders are notified of cancellation.

While a mobile app notification will not replace a government mandated, mailed Cancellation Notice in most states, Insurers can help to reduce the frequency and cost to litigate “bad faith” cancellation lawsuits by adding mobile notifications to their policyholder communication channels. Notification Management is one of the valuable benefits of a robust mobile policy services app. The low cost of a mobile app is typically far less than the high cost of a single judgement against the insurer.

Home Health Consultants Help Your Agency Grow With Specialty Services

We’ve all seen the home health care industry grow by leaps and bounds over the past decade. With more home health care agencies and service providers than ever before, the competition is getting tougher. Client expectations are growing as well, and as the Baby Boomer generation reaches its peak, there is an even greater demand for specialty services. Home health care agencies that don’t take the time to listen to clients and look for unique ways to remain competitive will have a hard time standing out. Home health consultants can help you capitalize on these growth opportunities by identifying the best specialty services for your market.

The Need for Specialty Services

When clients compare home health care agencies, they often all look the same and there isn’t anything specific that differentiates one from another. Agencies that want to continue to grow now must offer specialty home care services that fulfill the diverse needs of clients. Standard services like personal care and assistance are expected, but what other services can your home health care agency offer to stand out from the crowd?

Home health consultants can assist you with developing a broad range of specialty home care services, including:

• AM care (rise and shine) and PM care (fluff and tuck)
• Sleepovers
• Foot care
• Exercise/rehabilitation or ambulation care
• Home modifications
• Pet care and assistance
• Mother and baby care assistance
• Day surgery support and care
• Holiday helper assistance
• Gardening or yard services
• Child care or sick child care services
• Spa services

How to Choose Specialty Services

Instead of trying to guess which of these specialty services are a good fit for your home health care agency, start by listening to your clients. Do they ask for assistance during a specific time of day? Are you receiving requests for new mothers and their babies? Do you have clients with pets who could use assistance taking care of their furry companions? Home health consultants can also provide insight into the right type of specialty service for your agency.

With the holidays quickly approaching, many of your clients may be starting to talk about the tasks and events that accompany this time of year. Offering a holiday helper service is a great way to help them enjoy all of the activities of the season. You can assist with:

• Shopping for presents
• Wrapping gifts
• Decorating the house
• Baking cookies and treats
• Attending holiday productions and religious services
• Transportation to the homes of friends and relatives

This type of seasonal home care service can benefit many of your active clients and attract new clients to your home care agency as well. If you need help getting started, home health consultants can help get you up and running right away.

Establishing Specialty Services

Specialty services don’t have to be offered exclusively by in-house staff. You can forge partnerships with local providers to offer a wide variety of services at a discounted rate. When you consider a partner, you will want to look for vendors who have shared customers, goals, and markets. Examples of partnerships for specialty home care services include:

• Medical alert systems
• Grocery and meal delivery companies
• Transportation companies
• Wholesale pharmacies
• Cell phone providers
• Home repair companies
• Nail and hair care specialists
• Dog groomers, walkers, and veterinarians
• Lawn and garden care services
• Housekeeping companies

As you consider working with home health consultants and other service providers, whatever you do, remember to talk and truly listen to your clients. You may be surprised by how an off-handed client remark can lead to an opportunity to provide a new service. Also, keep in mind that many clients may not be aware of the specialty home care services you offer today. Your ability to adapt and meet their changing needs can help you stay competitive in this growing industry.

The Consulting Brochure – A Waste of Money?

You’re new in business and new to consulting as a professional pursuit. You may not have even one client on the books. So, you may ask, “If I only had a brochure to give to people, wouldn’t it serve to legitimize my business?”

The answer is, “No, it may even hurt you.”

This may surprise and even disappoint you, but it’s true. A printed brochure probably isn’t what you need to help people decide to hire you, at least not at this stage.

In fact, it may actually do the opposite, especially if it looks cheap or homemade. And let’s be clear. A brochure is a selling document. When you’re just starting out you may not have a clear picture of what your niche market (or niche markets) actually expect of a consultant – and therefore, you don’t know what they expect in the way of a brochure.

To Succeed in Consulting, You Need to Appear Successful.

I don’t believe that you overtly sell consulting as a service. People do make the decision to engage your services, usually to solve a problem — a problem that isn’t likely to be described in a selling brochure. More often than not, for example, you won’t know what the real problem is until you conduct a Needs Analysis.

So the most effective brochure may well be a simple typewritten list of your services on a single sheet of second sheets to your stationery. If you provide a range of services, a separate sheet devoted to each one may be sufficient.

Flexibility In the Beginning Can Be Beneficial.

As you gain clients and experience and become comfortable with your “style” of consulting you will develop a better understanding of your target market’s expectations. At that point you will have a better idea of whether or not you need a printed brochure and, if so, what form it should take.

Be wary of flamboyancy!

There are well-established rules for the use of type styles, sizes, art and colors. Most non-professionals who decide to do their own design work choose the wrong type styles and use too many different ones (no more than three to a document is a good rule) and tend to use flashy color combinations laid out in ways that not only defeat the purpose of the communication, but actually detract from it. Unless you have professional training or talent for graphic arts, you’re best off to stick to the basics.

Common Mistakes When Hiring a Structural Engineering Consultant

The professionals that you hire to work for your organisation will have a great effect on your ultimate success in the market. The toll is even greater if you are hiring professionals to run your building project. This is the reason why you should take your time and ensure that you land the best structural engineering consultant to run your project through to completion.

Rushing the recruitment process:
Many companies will wait until the last minute to begin the hiring process. They therefore end up hiring an incompetent structural engineering consultant. There is need to identify the leading structural engineers in your area before the project initiation phase and come up with a shortlist of around five candidates. This will allow you enough time to plan for personal interviews in order to identify the best candidate in terms of their knowledge and experience. It will then be easy to interview each of them. Interviewing candidates in a hurry means that you may forget to ask some important questions or fail to understand what the interviewer is saying.

Lack of interviewing skills:
Interviewing the shortlisted candidates will be very vital in identifying right structural engineering consultant. This means that you should follow the right interviewing procedure. All the members in the interviewing panel should be trained and should have vast experienced in conducting recruitment interviews. They should also be aware of the specific needs of the company so that they can be specific in their questions.

Failure to conduct a good background check:
Any structural engineering consultant is aware of what the market needs. They may therefore lie about their ability and experience in an attempt to impress you into hiring them. Carrying out a background check on the contractor will however provide a better picture about their ability by reviewing their portfolio and what other customers think of them. A successful structural engineer will always have happy customers who have used his services. His previous projects will also help you to compare him with the other options that you have. Trusting what the consultant says about his company is never enough as he may throw in a few lies in his statements.

Although using third party hiring agencies to hire a structural engineering consultant cannot be dismissed as a mistake, there is need to review the selected candidate’s profile on your own. The hiring agency may not understand the specific needs of your project. This is the main reason as to why many companies prefer to interview the consultants on their own.

Although mistakes are part of the hiring job, the ones listed here can be avoided. Unfortunately, many professional hiring managers still error when choosing the right consultant for their company’s structural engineering needs. However, being weary of them will ensure that you hire the right practitioner for your project.

What Logistics Business Development Consulting Can Do For Your Company

Like every company owner, you want your company to be a success. You want to maximize profits, have satisfied and well-trained employees and you want your company to continue to grow and get stronger over time. If you want to increase and enhance the growth of your firm, one way to do that is to turn your attention to logistics business development consulting. This is a kind of service that will encourage growth and prosperity. If you know other company owners, ask them about it and do your own research. You will quickly discover that this is a means of getting closer to achieving the goals you have set for your firm.

If you have reached a point where you want to learn tools of the trade that can bring more success your way and you want to make more money, logistics business development consulting is the direction you should be looking in. A consultant in this field has the training to help you get what you want.

One of the most advantageous means of improving your company is to ensure that you are employing the right kinds of technology to get the job done. The number of applications is many, but how can you be sure that you are using the ones that are most suitable for you and will lead to success?

If the software you are using is out of date or you are not in the know about how you could more efficiently run you company, logistics business development consulting can prove beneficial to your needs. Hiring a specialist in this area can bring new insights your way, which can make a world of difference to every aspect of your company. The consultant you bring in to take a look at how you are running operations can introduce new concepts and cutting edge technologies to you that can make your company run in a smoother manner and can improve the manner in which your staff conducts business. Not only will the specialist educate you in terms of advances in technology, but he will also be able to teach you how to put them to work in your firm.

The professional from the logistics business development consulting firm you hire will have the skills necessary to train your team in using the new software that gets installed. You may be too busy with day-to-day operations to train your employees in new methods and you may not even know how. This is where a consultant in the industry can prove to be a tremendous asset to you and the functioning of your firm. The specialist can teach your staff all that they need to know in terms of new features and new additions. If you like, you can arrange a meeting for the consultant to talk with your management team before a time is set up to train your office staff in new methodologies.

Should You Start A Business Development Consulting Firm?

If you have a lot of experience in the business world, it may be a good idea to start your own business development consulting firm. You can use your expertise to make a lot of money while also having the ability to choose your clients. What other benefits are there to establishing a consulting firm?

Charge As Much Money As You Want

When you work for yourself, you can charge as much as the market will bear. In some cases, you can make $100 an hour or more if you work for a large enough company. However, working for as little as $20 an hour is still a good rate of pay for what you will be doing for your clients.

Get Steady Work Doing Something That You Love

Once you establish yourself as an excellent consultant, you will acquire loyal customers who will use you on a long-term basis. This means that you won’t have to wake up each morning wondering if you are going to make the car payment on time or pay your mortgage this month. Since you are doing something that you love, you won’t feel as stressed or as bitter about working long hours if a client needs you to finish a project as soon as possible.

Have A Hand Getting A New Company Off The Ground

Working with small business owners can be a rewarding experience. If a company that you worked for becomes the next major search engine provider or fast food company, you can take pride in knowing that your ideas played a part in that. In some cases, you may be able to acquire stock in the company as part of your compensation package. That means that you may literally see your hard work pay off in more ways than one.

Take The Weekends Off

Although you may need to meet with a client on a Saturday every so often, you get to decide when you work and when you don’t work. If your child is sick or you just don’t want to get up before noon on a Wednesday, you can schedule many of your appointments around your schedule. This makes it easier to achieve a work-life balance that allows you to make money while also taking time to play golf or go to Florida to see your kids every so often.

Gain Connections Within The Community

Those who have political aspirations may want to make connections with business owners and others who have money in the community. Business consultants have the unique ability to show what they know while also having the ability to develop personal relationships with potential voters.

Business consulting can be a great job for a variety of reasons. It offers the flexibility that you want while helping you pay your bills at the same time. By making connections in the community, you can fulfill other goals such as running for a political office both locally or nationally. Therefore, you should seriously consider a consulting job if it is something that you think you could be good at.

How to Hire the Best Sales Training Consultant

Is the sales training consultant able to sell himself well to you? That will give a clue as to how good a sales man he himself is in the first place. The next step in that direction would be to check whether your sales trainer is a good speaker talking about sales or is he a good seller trying to speak about sales. There are many good speakers who have very little practical sales experience. Their knowledge is sourced from books, journals, periodicals, and is mostly theoretical. They are good at – lecture and the meaning of the term lecture hasn’t changed at all. You don’t need them. You need a good seller speaking about sales. Of course good speaking skill is essential, but good selling experience precedes it.

The real are the ones that have solid sales experience behind them. They themselves have achieved excellence and recognition in their industry for their sales skills. They are the masters that combine the theory with the practice. Master sales trainers don’t just keep giving lectures. They actively participate in their client’s sales process and help in achieving tangible results. They love sales action and their resumes are full of them.

Ask your sales training consultant what areas does he cover? The fewer the areas covered the better is the depth. Novices are more likely to cover all the areas. Listening and viewing to a small demo tape of sales training workshop done by your sales trainer would give a clear picture of his energy levels, teaching skills, and the knack of getting along with the participants. Make sure that they are not done in a studio and are real. Your sales training consultants should be handing out training material to refer. He also should be willing to prepare questionnaires and work sheets pertaining to the training and the participants’ real jobs.

Pose your most pressing sales concern to the sales trainer and see how is planning to handle it. Good sales trainers spend a few days with the company sales force, studying their methods of operation, and finding out rooms for development. They also study in depth about the company, the industry it is in, its annual reports, and related literature. Your sales training consultant should be asking you for these things if you are considering hiring him. You should expect your sales training consultant to do preparatory work of 3/4 hours for every hour of workshop/training time.

Top sales trainers charge a fee of $5000 per day and upwards. To make sure that they are worth the money, ask your sales trainer whether he is an authority in the field with articles or books published in the area of expertise. A sales trainer with excellent speaking capacities should be a member of the National Speakers Association (NPA). If your sales trainer has all these qualifications then make the final confirmation after consulting a few clients that he has trained in the past. Their sales results should convince you to hire the sales trainer.

Franchising – Do You Need A Franchising Consultant?

Franchising has been another option for our career when we think about “be your own boss”. I have been thinking of why people want to go to franchising model of business.

Surely, the Franchising Company would put up a good frontage to attract potential franchisee.

So the challenge to me is how do I know I have a profitable franchise with reasonable financial without burning a big hole? And at the same time, for Franchising to have a higher success rate, the Franchise system would have a proven track record. Nonetheless, my friend still requested me to engage a Franchising Consultant to give his expertise on the Franchising model.

From the search for Franchising consultants, I identified 3 Franchising consultants. The first Franchising consultant highlighted to me the key success areas like the ability of Franchisor to support when needed, availability of Franchisor expertise and how their model fit into the local situation.

The second Franchising consultant shared his view on the criteria in selecting the Franchising company for its financial strength, his local knowledge and chance of success. The third Franchising consultant instead asked me why do I want a Franchising model. I decided to probe further by telling him that Franchising help me to have a “Quick Jump Start” and also assist me to select a suitable location especially for food kiosk.

From the above, I manage to size up that Franchising consultants have reasonable knowledge about the Franchising model as well as dos and don’t for Franchising model.

I would like to share what I had gathered about engaging Franchising consultant:

  1. want him or her to play an independent role and give his assessment on the strength and opportunity that Franchisor profiles
  2. has the ability to negotiate favorable terms when a suitable Franchisor being sourced
  3. involve him recruit the right people to run the Franchising business

However, if I am from the Food and Beverage industry, I would have the fundamental knowledge in this industry. The short coming is my negotiation techniques for better deal. In any business setting, we must have the basic key success indicators.

From what I understand, Franchisor – franchisee relationship is just like having the courtship and subsequently getting married as partners. Know the Franchisor’s work style and his team would be the first step for the success of getting a Franchise.